About the Space

営業時間/Operating Hours

午前8時〜午後10時 / Weekday: 8am to 10pm


※1 日曜・祝日はビルの玄関のドアが施錠されるため、鍵の受け渡しなど、いくつか注意点がございます。(「ご利用規約」を参照)

※2 当ビルには駐輪場はございません。自転車でのご来場はお控えください。



1. On Sundays and public holidays, the building entrance is locked and special conditions apply. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more information.

2. There is no bike park inside or outside of our building. Please do not park your bike around the building.

Please consult us if you would like to use the space outside the operation hours for your events.

収容人数/Seating Capacity

36 people

ご予約 / Making a Booking

1. 「ご予約」ページのカレンダーからご希望の日時ご予約ください。

Select the date and time on the calendar of “ご予約” (Booking) page.

2. 運営スタッフから確認のメールが届きましたら、銀行振込で7日以内にご利用料金をお支払いください。

You will receive an acceptance email from us. Please make the payment by bank transfer or credit card within 7 days of receipt of the acceptance email.

当日 / On the day

1. 当日、直接現地にお越しください。



For first time users, we'll be on site to show you around and explain how to use the equipment. Otherwise we'll unlock the door a little ahead of the scheduled booking.

There's instruction notes for the space and the equipment on the kitchen counter but feel free to ask questions if you would like to check details in advance.

2.ご利用開始 / At check-in


Please read the instructions, “Notes before use” on the kitchen counter.

5. ご利用終了 / When leaving


Please read the instructions, “Notes after use” and make sure everything's done. Close the door securely. We'll lock the door remotely after you have left.